Linux News Today: Manjaro Linux Might Adopt the Gorgeous Arc GTK Theme, Users Invited to Collaborate

Philip Müller, leader of the Manjaro project, announced a couple of days ago that the team was preparing to rebase or replace the standard Menda theme used in the current stable release of the Manjaro Linux distribution.

We reported a month ago that the upcoming GTK+ 3.20 cross-platform and open-source GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit received a major update that, unfortunately, made some important changes to GTK+ themes. Some of these changes also landed in the current stable branch of GTK3.

Therefore, the Manjaro developers are looking into rebasing their Menda theme on something else, and the first thing that came to mind was the gorgeous Arc GTK theme. However, as usual, the team would like to get the pulse of the Manjaro Linux user and find out what theme is a better fit for the Arch Linux-based distribution.

“Seems it is time to rebase our Menda theme once more. GTK+ 3.18 introduced some defects into the current one. So what would be a nice theme fitting Manjaro Linux?” asks Philip Müller on behalf of the Manjaro Development Team. “It would be great if some of you would join our artwork team and help us to recolour it.”

This being said, anyone involved in the Manjaro community that has some basic or advanced GTK+ theming skills is invited to collaborate on the recoloring of the default Manjaro Linux desktop theme for all offcial flavors, including Xfce and KDE. More details can be found in the announcement.

Via Softpedia