Linux News Today: Meld 3.15.2 Diff and Merge App Released with GTK+ 3.20 and XDG-App Support, More

Now that the GNOME 3.20 desktop environment has been released with updates to most of its core apps and components, the time has come for associated projects to be updated as well to support the latest technologies implemented in GNOME 3.20.

And this is the case of Meld, the open-source diff and merge tool, which has been updated today, March 27, 2016, to version 3.15.2, a release that introduces better support for the GTK+ 3.20 GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit, in particular, improvements to theming and widget compatibility.

Furthermore, Meld now features the shortcuts overlay introduced in GNOME 3.20, which lets users view all the keyboard shortcuts and multitouch gesture information in a single, easily accessible dialog, as well as support for the XDG-Apps technologies, allowing the installation of multiple versions of an app.

Among other interesting features introduced in Meld 3.15.2, we can mention re-implementation of support for the Darcs distributed version control system and porting to GtkSourceView’s saver helpers and file loader components, which should improve the speed of loading and saving of files.

Better integration on Mac OS X

Meld 3.15.2 comes by default with locale-specific file encodings, but user-specified encodings are also supported. It’s now possible to save file that contains variable newline types, and support for applying text filters to folder comparisons, similar to those for file comparisons, has been implemented.

Multiple issues have been resolved in Meld 3.15.2, and among the most important ones, we can mention better integration on Mac OS X operating systems, performance improvements to text filters, AppData 0.7 or later support, faster scanning of missing files, extra documentation for installation and setup requirements, and many updated translations.

The Meld 3.15.2 sources are available for download right now from our website.

Via Softpedia