Linux News Today: Mesa 11.1.4 Is the Last in the Series, Users Are Urged to Migrate to Mesa 11.2

Immediately after announcing the release of the Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.2.2 for stable GNU/Linux distributions, Collabora’s Emil Velikov informed users about the last maintenance build in the Mesa 11.1 series.

Mesa 3D 11.1.4 Graphics Library is now available for GNU/Linux operating system that are still using a version of the Mesa 3D Graphics Library from the 11.1 series, bringing assoreted bug fixes and improvements, as mentioned in the second part of the article, but users are being urged to move to the Mesa 3D 11.2 branch as soon as possible.

“It is anticipated that 11.1.4 will be the final release in the 11.1.4 series. Users of 11.1 are encouraged to migrate to the 11.2 series in order to obtain future fixes,” said Emil Velikov, Software Release Engineer at Collabora. “With this release we have DRI2/DRI3 fixes for libGL, libEGL now works for OpenBSD platforms, Big Endian support for Radeon has improved.”

What’s new in Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.1.4

From the changelog, it appears that the same features that have been highlighted for the Mesa 3D 11.2.2 Graphics Library release are also the prominent ones of this last maintenance build of the Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.1 series, such as Big Endian support for the Radeon graphics driver, OpenBSD support for the libEGL library, as well as various DRI2 and DRI3 bug fixes for the libGL library.

Additionally, Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.1.4 includes multiple small improvements to the Nouveau, Intel i965, and VC4 graphics drivers, support for EGL 1.5-style flags for DRI modules, and a fully functional version of the MangledGL GetProcAddress component. The Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.1.4 sources are available for download right now via our website, but we recommend upgrading to Mesa 3D 11.2.2.

Via Softpedia