Linux News Today: Mesa 3D 11.1.2 Is Out with Nouveau, Intel i965, and RadeonSI Improvements

Collabora’s Emil Velikov proudly announce earlier today, February 11, 2016, the release and immediate availability for download of the second maintenance build in the Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.1 stable series.

Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.1.2 is here to fix many of the issues reported by users since the previous point release of the 11.1 branch, thus introducing several performance improvements across all supported drivers. Please note that there’s been exactly one month since the release of Mesa 11.1.1.

From the changelog, Mesa 11.1.2 has core Mesa fixes, better support for Gallium in the DragonFly BSD operating system, some major enhancements to the software-based renderers, and various improvements to the Intel i965, Nouveau, RadeonSI, Radeon r600, GLSL, and OMX drivers.

“Mesa 11.1.2 is now available. This time around we have fixes all over the place – core mesa, glsl, i965, nouveau, r600, radeonsi, omx. At the same time piglit shows a significant amount of fixes for the software based renderers,” said Emil Velikov. “There is also a DragonFly fix for gallium.”

Users need to update as soon as possible

As Mesa 11.1.2 already makes its way to the default software repositories, users are urged to update to the new maintenance version as soon as possible if they want to see some major improvements for various OpenGL-enabled applications and games in their GNU/Linux operating systems.

Of course, we’re uring all OS vendors to download the Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.1.2 sources right now, compile them for their Linux kernel-based operating systems, and release the updated packages to the default repos for users to upgrade immediately. Below, we’ve attached the entire changelog of Mesa 11.1.2 for our tech-savvy readers.

Via Softpedia