Linux News Today: Mozilla Firefox 47.0.1 Is Now Available in the Arch Linux and Solus Repos

Mozilla quietly delivered the first point release of the Mozilla Firefox 47.0 web browser to users of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems on the day of June 28, 2016.

However, because the built-in updater of the Mozilla Firefox web browser doesn’t work on GNU/Linux distributions, users have to wait for the latest version of the software to be first pushed by the maintainers of their operating systems on the main repositories before they can upgrade.

The entire process takes a couple of days, and today, June 30, 2016, we are happy to inform those who are using the Arch Linux and Solus operating systems that the Mozilla Firefox 47.0.1 release is now live. What’s new? Not much, only a fix for a startup crash that occurred due to the Selenium WebDriver API.

Mozilla probably fixed some other minor issues as well, but they didn’t mention anything in the release notes. However, we always recommend that you have the latest version of a software installed on your personal computer, so please update to Mozilla Firefox 47.0.1 right now if you’re using Arch Linux or Solus.

Users of other GNU/Linux distributions should keep an eye on the software repositories of their operating systems, as Mozilla Firefox 47.0.1 should land there as well, most probably in the coming days. Alternatively, you can download the Mozilla Firefox 47.0.1 binary and source packages right now via our website.

Via Softpedia