Linux News Today: Mozilla Thunderbird 45.0 Released, Fails to Bring GTK3 Integration for Linux

Today, April 13, 2016, Mozilla finally announced the availability of the final release for the highly anticipated Thunderbird 45.0 email, calendar, and news client, for all supported platforms.

After being in development for the past few months, Mozilla Thunderbird 45.0 arrives today in its final form, trying to be in part with its bigger brother, the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

We talked briefly about Mozilla Thunderbird 45.0 about two months ago, when we first spotted the first Beta build, which, at that moment in time, promised to bring the long-anticipated GTK3 integration to Linux users.

Well, just like Mozilla Firefox 45.0, Thunderbird 45.0 fails to offer a proper GTK3 integration for Linux kernel-based operating systems, looking the same as the versions from the 38.x series. Most probably, GTK3 support will arrive in Thunderbird 47.0 later this year.

What’s new in Mozilla Thunderbird 45.0

The features introduced by Mozilla Thunderbird 45.0 are not something to drool over, and the noteworthy ones are OpenStreetMap support for maps, allowing users to choose from a list of map services, improved support for XMPP commands and chatrooms, as well as OAuth authentication support for

Additionally, it is now possible to edit the “From” field when composing an email, dictionary selection, and spell checking are now allowed in the subject line, there’s a new option that keeps the HTML formatting for messages always one, and users can now set the font size in the compose window.

Of course, there are several other new features implemented in Mozilla Thunderbird 45.0, which you can download right now for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, as well as Microsoft Windows operating systems via our website, along with numerous bug fixes. Please check the release notes attached below for more details on the changes.

Via Softpedia