Linux News Today: New CentOS Atomic Host Update Released with Linux Kernel 3.10, Docker 1.10.3-46

CentOS Project’s Jason Brooks is back again with some awesome news for those interested in using the CentOS Atomic Host operating system designed for running Docker containers on top of the RHEL-based CentOS Linux 7 platform.

Built from the standard RPMs of CentOS 7 Linux, the new CentOS Atomic Host release has been marked as stable and tagged as version 7.20160818, which means that it includes all the software updates and security patches released until August 18, 2016, upstream, in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host operating system.

Among these, we can mention Docker 1.10.3-46.el7.centos.10.x86_64 application container engine, Atomic 1.10.5-7.el7.x86_64 run tool, Kubernetes 1.2.0-0.13.gitec7364b.el7.x86_64 container orchestration tool, and Ostree 2016.7-2.atomic.el7.x86_64 OS and container binary deployment.

Moreover, CentOS Atomic Host 7.20160818 comes with Cloud-init 0.7.5-10.el7.centos.1.x86_64 cloud instance init tool, Flannel 0.5.3-9.el7.x86_64 etcd backed overlay network for containers, etcd 2.3.7-2.el7.x86_64 distributed reliable key-value store, and last but not least Linux kernel 3.10.0-327.28.2.el7.x86_64.

“An updated version of CentOS Atomic Host (tree version 7.20160818), featuring support for rpm-ostree package layering. Using the command rpm-ostree pkg-add, it’s now possible to layer new packages into an installed image that persist across reboots and upgrades,” says Jason Brooks in the mailing list announcement.

Distributed as ISO images or virtual machines

CentOS Atomic Host 7.20160818 is available for download right now and it’s distributed in multiple formats, including VirtualBox or libvirt-formatted Vagrant box, an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) binary, in the QCOW2 image format, as well as an installable ISO image. You can grab it as we speak from

If you’re using CentOS Atomic Host 7.20160707 or a previous release, you can now update to the latest CentOS Atomic Host 7.20160818 release by running the following command listed below in your favorite terminal emulator application, or directly in text mode if you’re not running a graphical desktop environment.

sudo atomic host upgrade

Via Softpedia