Linux News Today: New Steam Beta Client Adds Numerous Steam Controller Improvements, More

Today July 30, 2016, Valve has pushed yet another update for its Steam Client to the Beta channel on all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Steam Client Beta Update July 29 was announced today, despite its name, and it only introduces support for the upcoming Windows Anniversary Update that will be made available on August 2, 2016, as well as numerous improvements and a handful of new features for the Steam Controller device.

“Made Steam Controller absolute mouse movements High DPI aware. This fixes problems where mouse regions and cursor position settings would be wrong in some circumstances when the user was using high DPI scaling settings in some Windows OS revisions,” the Valve developers working on the Steam Client have explained.

RB/LB buttons were added for changing the current action set

Among some of the enhancements added for the Steam Controller in the new Steam Beta Client, we can mention the implementation of new RB/LB buttons for changing the current action set during editing of a certain configuration, and the ability to use the current haptic setting of a mode for the new activator’s default setting.

Other than that, there’s new icons for various Controller Actions, such as Show On Screen Keyboard, Change Action Set, Move Cursor, and Take Screenshot. Below, we’ve attached the full changelog, so you can see what bugs have been squashed for the Steam Controller.

If you want to try this Beta build of the Steam Client on your personal computer, you’ll need first to switch to the Beta channel from the Settings panel under the Account options. However, we have to warn you that this is a Beta quality software, which means that you should expect some issues to be present. In related news, the SteamOS 2.87 stable update is now available for download.

Via Softpedia