Linux News Today: Opera 38 Web Browser Enters Development with Custom Ad-Blocking List Support

Now that the Opera 37 web browser was promoted to the Beta channel at the end of March 2016, Opera Software is now proud to announce the first Opera 38 development build.

Kornelia Mielczarczyk, Product Tester at Opera Software, reports on the new features integrated into the upcoming Opera 38 web browser, which is now available for public testing on all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

“It’s gradually becoming a developer stream tradition that we share with you what’s up in our backyard, not only by giving you options to test our new features, but also by introducing you to mock-ups and drafts of our ongoing projects,” said Mrs. Mielczarczyk in the announcement.

New personal news, custom ad-blocking list support

Only two features pop up for this first development build of Opera 38, personalized news that fit your needs, allowing users to choose from over 8,000 news sources, and custom ad-blocking list support for the browser’s built-in ad-blocker feature that is coming as part of the Opera 37 release later this spring.

But there are numerous other small improvements that landed in the first Opera 38 development build, such as a warning for downloads that are considered a security risk for the system (Windows only), better middle-click action on the bookmarks bar folders, improved support for Google Hangouts, and Bluejeans plugin fixes.

We recommend checking the gallery attached below to see the two major new features in action, and check out the changelog to learn everything there is to know about the changes implemented in Opera 38.0 Build 2190.0, which you can download right now for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Please keep in mind though that it’s a pre-release version, not ready for production use!

Opera 38 Dev released

Opera 38 Dev released

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