Linux News Today: OTA-7 Update for Ubuntu Touch to Enter Final Freeze This Week

A new OTA update is being prepared for Ubuntu Touch, and it looks like developers are currently putting the final touches on it. The update is approaching final freeze, which will be put in place this week.

Canonical has changed the release cycle for new OTA updates for Ubuntu Touch to six weeks, and it seems to have been a very good decision. Developers are no longer pressured by time to submit everything they have, and it also means that fewer problems have been introduced, although the project still has its occasional hiccups. Just like the regular Ubuntu distro, once the project enters final freeze, all features stop flowing.

It’s worth noting that Ubuntu Touch is not based on the current Ubuntu 15.10 branch, and it looks like it’s going to skip it altogether. What the developers are doing right now with Ubuntu Touch doesn’t require such a huge transition, not to mention the fact that it would certainly bring new bugs and other problems that need to be fixed. In any case, the development branch for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS will be released soon after the October launch of Ubuntu 15.10.

OTA-7 is full of goodies

From the looks of it, this new update for Ubuntu Touch is preparing quite a few improvements for the users of this operating system, and that includes new versions of Unity 8 and Mir, to name just a couple of them.

“A quick post today. We had slight regression sneaking in through the Ubuntu-ui-toolkit landing that happened today – making headers for some system-settings pages empty [1]. That’s still being worked on – we need it fixed before the release. Remember! OTA-7 final freeze is this week! The daily image also failed to build today – the issue was in the buteo sync landing (sync-monitor in particular) not getting published completely. We fixed it and kicked a new image,” noted Canonical’s Łukasz “sil2100” Zemczak.

If everything goes according to plan, we should have the new Ubuntu update sometime next week.

Via Softpedia