Linux News Today: PC-BSD's Lumina Desktop 0.8.7 Out Now with New Desktop Item Interaction System

The developers of the PC-BSD operating system have had the great pleasure of announcing the release of the Lumina Desktop 0.8.7 desktop environment.

There are three major new features implemented in Lumina Desktop 0.8.7. The first one is a brand new desktop item interaction system that no longer requires users to lock or unlock the desktop, making the drag and drop functionality the main thing for many operations you do on the desktop, such as moving a plugin.

Moreover, the new desktop item interaction system provides users with support for dropping files from external app onto the desktop, offers uniform spacing and better alignment for all icons using a transparent grid, and modifies the way you interact with files and folders stored in the Desktop folder.

“It is my great pleasure to announce the release of version 0.8.7 of the Lumina Desktop Environment! This version includes a massive number of changes from the previous version,” says Ken Moore from the PC-BSD project. “The handbook for Lumina has been fully updated as well.”

Insight gets a revamp, many new plugins have been added

The second major new feature implemented in Lumina Desktop 0.8.7 is the totally redesigned Insight file manager, which has a great number of new features, among which we can mention an all-new backend information system that significantly speeds things up, and we have to mention here the approximately 2,000% faster loading of folder’s content.

Additionally, it integrates with the ZFS snapshot browsing feature, supports multiple instances, makes the image slideshow functionality and multimedia player independent, supports independent adjustment of icon sizes, supports browsing of multiple folders in separate tabs, and offers complete drag and drop support.

The third and last major new feature of the Lumina Desktop 0.8.7 desktop environment is the addition of new plugins, such as the “Start Menu” panel plugin, the “Line” panel plugin, and the “Time/Date” panel plugin. Lumina Desktop 0.8.7 is now available for download for all PC-BSD and FreeBSD users.

Via Softpedia