Linux News Today: Play Ubuntu Touch Scope Roulette and Win an Ubuntu Phone

You can’t say that Canonical does not love its users, especially when we’re talking about the features implemented in the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system that powers Ubuntu Phone devices.

Scopes are one of the main attractions of the Ubuntu Touch mobile OS, as they were designed from the ground up to revolutionize the way you interact with your mobile device.

Through Ubuntu Touch Scopes, which are individual home screens for Ubuntu Phone, users can access different kinds of content, such as music, movies, social media, as well as local services.

Today, we are informing you that Canonical has launched Scope Roulette, an interactive game that teaches you everything there is to know about Ubuntu Touch Scopes and represents a unique opportunity to win an Ubuntu Phone device.

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of having an Ubuntu Phone, we strongly recommend that you visit the Scope Roulette website and play to win awesome prizes. All you have to is follow the on-screen instructions.

“To celebrate Scopes, we’ve launched Scope Roulette,” said Amrisha Prashar, Campaign and Social Media Manager at Canonical. “As we receive new Scopes we’ll add them to the game to allow you to continually learn more about the Scope ecosystem as we develop it.”

We have to admit that it was never easier to win an Ubuntu Phone device, though we have no idea which one of them Canonical has put in the raffle, so that will be a surprise for all of us. Happy gaming!

Via Softpedia