Linux News Today: RaspArch Project Brings Arch Linux to Raspberry Pi 3 SBCs, Now with LXDE

RaspArch developer Arne Exton informs Softpedia about the availability of a new build of his GNU/Linux distribution for ARM devices based on the Arch Linux ARM project.

RaspArch Build 160312 has been specially made for the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B single-board computer, and it comes as a ready-to-go ARM operating system that you only need to write on an SD card and use it as your primary desktop distribution with the built in LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) user interface.

Besides featuring the lightweight and super fast LXDE desktop environment, the new RaspArch build also comes with some of the most popular open-source software projects, such as the Mozilla Firefox web browser, as well as the GIMP image editor. The system is currently powered by Linux kernel 4.1.19 LTS.

“RaspArch is a “ready-to-go” ARM system. It must be installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or Pi 2 computer,” said Arne Exton for Softpedia. “If you have downloaded and installed my previous version of RaspArch from 151107 you can still use the Micro SD Card with RaspArch on the new Raspberry Pi 3 after a full upgrade of the system.”

Also available for Raspberry Pi 2

As noted above by Mr. Exton, those of you who are already using RaspArch on your Raspberry Pi 2 devices can directly upgrade the system using the “sudo pacman -Syu” command on a terminal emulator. Of course, you will also be able to use the RaspArch distribution on Raspberry Pi 2 computers.

Arch Linux is rolling release operating system that features up-to-date GNU/Linux technologies and software. It is usually targeted at Linux enthusiasts who are not afraid of running a few terminal commands from time to time. However RaspArch makes it easier for newcomers to try Arch Linux on their Rasperry Pi 2 and 3 devices.

Download RaspArch Build 160312 right now from Softpedia and study the package list.

RaspArch Build 160312

RaspArch Build 160312

Via Softpedia