Linux News Today: Rhythmbox 3.3 Free Music Player Supports Android Devices Through New Plugin

The developers of the Rhythmbox open-source music player software announced this past weekend the immediate availability for download of the Rhythmbox 3.3 release.

Just by looking at the internal changelog attached at the end of the article, we can notice that Rhythmbox 3.3 is mostly a bugfix release. However, it does add a few interesting new features, such as a plugin that promises to support Android devices via the gvfs-mtp program, support for configuring encoding settings per device type, as well as the ability to force lossless file to be transcoded in the encoding settings.

Among the bugfixes, we can mention that the information in the “Year” field will no longer be lost when attempting to extract music from CDs, the audioscrobbler component now displays the icon, missing “Sync Preferences” item was added, Radio GFM was removed from the iradio component, typos were fixed in the documentation, and some JSON import errors were resolved.

Moreover, a crash that would occur when attempting to add files that were found during a startup scan was patched, the application no longer hangs when managing MOD, IT or XM (moplug) files if the crossfade feature is active, and the “conflicting types for ‘rhythmdb_metadata_cache_purge'” error message was addressed.

The crossfade backend now supports PulseAudio with GStreamer 1.6.x

In addition to the changes mentioned above, Rhythmbox 3.3 adds a patch that implements several mod files as supported MIME types, no longer handles Right-to-Left (RTL) icons manually for GTK+ 3.12 or later, addresses an Album-Art caching issue, and adds better support for PulseAudio with GStreamer 1.6.x in the crossfade backend.

Numerous language translations have been updated in this new stable release of Rhythmbox, among which we can mention Czech, German, Spanish, Finnish, Hungarian, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmal, French, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Serbian, Serbian Latin, Slovenian, Vietnamese, and Galician.

Download Rhythmbox 3.3 right now from Softpedia.

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