Linux News Today: Shotwell 0.23.2 Free Image Editor Improves Facebook Support, Fixes Many Issues

The new development team behind Shotwell, the open-source image editor used in numerous GNU/Linux operating systems, has announced the availability of a new maintenance build in the Shotwell 0.23.x series.

Shotwell 0.23.2 is now the latest and most advanced stable version of the project, bringing better support for the Facebook integration by adding a pop-up login and updating the documentation in regards with the Facebook publishing permissions.

When Shotwell 0.23 was released, users reported that scroll bars were missing from events, so that is fixed in the 0.23.2 point release. Moreover, starting with Shotwell 0.23.2, the gphoto 2.4 library is no longer supported, and libgee 0.10 or higher is required.

There are many other small changes implemented in this second maintenance release of Shotwell 0.23, and among the most important ones, we can mention porting of the GtkNotebook widget to GtkStack, and a fix for background color drawing issues.

Yelp-build is now used for generating HTML documention

Furthermore, the yelp-build tool is now used for generating HTML documention, various external functions have been cleaned up to make the software more lightweight, a source Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) has been added for the new icons, and executable flag has been removed from images.

Last but not least, the manpage was updated to include proper URLs, the internal hmac_sha1 implementation was ported to the Vala programming language, symbols will no longer be multiplied in plugins, and it looks like the libsoup library is now used for parsing cookies for Piwigo support.

Of course, there are also the usual translation updates, and many other small fixes that you can check out in the changelog attached below. In the meantime, you can download the Shotwell 0.23.2 sources right now via our website, or wait for the new version to arrive in the main repos of your GNU/Linux distribution.

Via Softpedia