Linux News Today: Solus 1.2 "Shannon" Officially Released, First OS to Ship with Arc Icon Theme

Softpedia has been informed today, June 20, 2016, by Solus Project‘s Ikey Doherty, about the release and immediate availability for download of the Solus 1.2 “Shannon” operating system.

We’ve talked a lot lately about Solus 1.2 and the fact that it is coming soon. Well, today is that day, the day when you can finally enjoy all the goodies that the great Ikey Doherty and the skillful team of developers behind the Solus Project have prepared for you during the past three months, since the release of Solus 1.1.

“Solus 1.2 builds upon the groundwork of 1.1 and 1.0, with continued improvements to Budgie, a huge focus on software optimizations, in addition to laying the framework for providing a performant gaming experience. Solus 1.2 furthers us on our journey to realizing the future of home computing,” reads the announcement.

Here’s what’s new in Solus 1.2

Solus 1.2 is released today as part of “Shannon” (Solus 1.x) series of the operating system, bringing numerous improvements to those who are using Solus 1.1, but also a new playground for newcomers to this OS, people who want to try something new, something different than other GNU/Linux operating systems.

The most important component of a Linux kernel-based OS, for an end user’s point of view, is probably the desktop environment, so Solus 1.2 ships with a much-improved Budgie Desktop, which has been designed with the modern computer user in mind, focusing on elegance and simplicity.

The latest version of Budgie Desktop is integrated into Solus 1.2 and it includes a great number of new features and improvements. Additionally, Solus 1.2 introduces a huge number of software optimizations, as well as the most performant gaming experience thanks to a new project called Linux Steam Integration.

Among other improvements implemented in Solus 1.2, we can mention a revamped Software Center that will make discovering, installing and updating software applications in Solus a breeze, and a greatly improved installer, fixes for many of the annoying bugs reported by users since Solus 1.1.

The latest open-source software components are present in Solus 1.2, including, but not limited to, Mozilla Firefox 47.0 web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird 45.1.0, VLC Media Player 2.2.4, Rhythmbox 3.3.1 music player and organizer, as well as Nautilus 3.18.5 file manager. Best of all, Solus 1.2 is the first OS to ship with the Arc icon theme.

Existing users will be able to update their existing Solus 1.1 installations to Solus 1.2 using the default package manager, but they are also free to download Solus 1.2 via our website and reinstall if they want to. Newcomers to this Linux kernel-based operating systems can also grab the latest, 64-bit Live ISO image today.

We are now looking forward to new next major release of Solus, which will probably be Solus 1.3 “Shannon,” but until then, the team promises to bring full-disk encryption and LVM (Logical Volume Management) support, along with full IBUS support.

Budgie Desktop

Budgie Desktop

Optimized gaming experience

Optimized gaming experience

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