Linux News Today: System76 Offers $50 and $100 Discounts for All Desktop PCs, Along with Free Shipping

System76, a US company that builds computers, laptops, and servers, has just announced that some of their products now have a $50 discount, or more, and free shipping.

System76 is one of the companies that ship their products only with Linux distributions, in this case, Ubuntu. They have a close relationship with Canonical, and they have made a name for themselves in the community with their really good products.

As far as we can see, they announced this promotion on Google+ and they just said that it would last for only a week. It might not be very much, but coupled with the free shipping, it’s a good incentive. The only problem is that it looks like the free shipping only applies to the US and bordering countries (yes, Canada, that means you too).

The available desktops right now include Meerkat, Sable, Ratel Pro, Wild Dog Pro, Leopard Extreme, and Silverback WS. If I were to choose, I would go for the small Meerkat, which is powered by a 5th gen Intel Core i3, i5, or i7, can hold up to 2.5 TB of storage, and it’s really small.

As you would expect, all of these systems ship with Ubuntu Desktop 15.10 (64-bit), but they are really user-friendly, and you can install pretty much anything you want on them. The promotion is set to end on January 4.

Via Softpedia