Linux News Today: Ubuntu-Based ChaletOS 16.04.1 Out Now for Those Who Want to Migrate from Windows

Dejan Petrovic, the creator of the Ubuntu-based ChaletOS computer operating system, is currently uploading the new ISO images for the soon-to-be-officially-announced ChaletOS 16.04.1.

We took the liberty of informing our readers that ChaletOS 16.04.1 is now available for download, despite the fact that Dejan Petrovic didn’t have the time to write any release notes for the minor update, nor publish the new Live ISO images on the distribution’s website for users to download it.

However, we couldn’t help but notice that the ChaletOS 16.04.1 ISOs are currently being uploaded to the project’s SourceForge page, and you can even download the 64-bit image, so far. The 32-bit version of ChaletOS 16.04.1 should be available soon as well, and there might also be an official announcement with the new changes.

Most probably, the ChaletOS 16.04.1 release includes small bug fixes to some of the major issues reported by users since last month’s, which existing user can get them by making sure all the available updates released on the software repositories have been installed.

ChaletOS offers a familiar interface for ex-Windows users

However, please note that ChaletOS 16.04.1 is not based on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS, which Canonical will release next month, on July 21, 2016. For those of you who are not in the loop, ChaletOS is a pretty recent GNU/Linux distribution that aims to offer an attractive and familiar interface to those who want to migrate from Windows OSes.

Under the hood, ChaletOS is very much identical with Xubuntu, but its attractive design was targeted specifically at Windows 7 and Vista users, and you can even add some icons to make it look a little bit more like Windows 10, if you want that, of course.

But ChaletOS’ system requirements are its strongest feature, as it only needs a computer with at least 512MB of RAM, 8GB free disk space, an LCD screen capable of 1024×768 resolution, and 1GHz+ processor to run fast and smooth. ChaletOS is very customizable, so please take a look at the gallery below to see it in action.

The Applications Menu

The Applications Menu

ChaletOS 16.04 with Windows 10 icons

ChaletOS 16.04 with Windows 10 icons

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