Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch Mobile OS to Include the Dekko Email Client App by Default

On October 16, Canonical’s David Planella sent in his report on the work done by developers and members of the Ubuntu Linux community in the last two weeks of October 2015.

According to Mr. Planella, preparations have started for November’s UOS (Ubuntu Online Summit) event, for the UbuCon @ SCALE announcement, for the conference in Berlin for next week, as well as for Scopes testing and contest.

Furthermore, the current Ubuntu Community metrics have been reviewed, the Pilot tool has been patched and its release schedule has been updated for the next three months, the Ubucontest’s prizes were awarded, and the recent Ubuntu Phone security issue has been resolved.

For the Ubuntu Developer website, the team managed to investigate the issues of the markdown documents importer with the PostgreSQL settings, various outdated pages have been updated, and a new IA event has been organized for the Snappy section.

Talking about Snappy, the Ubuntu developers released Snapcraft 0.3, reviewed the current documentation and tree structure of Snappy, planned the Snappy Clinic event for October 19, and worked on presentation materials for Snappy talks.

“We’re back with the weekly update and some highlights of what the Ubuntu Community Team at Canonical worked on last two weeks,” said David Planella, Ubuntu Community Team Manager at Canonical.

Here’s what’s new for Ubuntu Touch’s core apps

We’ve saved the juicy stuff for last, as there’s some interesting news for Ubuntu Phone users too. For example, the Ubuntu Touch developers managed to push a new release of the Clock app, which has better Daylight Saving Time (DST) support.

Moreover, the work on the upcoming LibreOffice DocViewer app continues with some debugging and design discussions about how to display LibreOffice documents to users, as well as preparation for the future release strategy.

Last but not least, the Ubuntu convergence features continues with the Music app demo published by Alan Pope, the revamped Weather app is almost done and will land soon in the Ubuntu Store, and the Dekko email client app will be included by default.

Via Softpedia