Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch Now Comes with a Twitter Scope by Default

A new OTA update has been released for Ubuntu Touch, the eighth one, and one of the new features that landed on it is a dedicated Twitter scope.

Not everything that lands with OTA updates is about fixes or changes related to the operating system. For example, a new Twitter scope is now provided by default and that should really help users who are dependent on this social network.

A number of other services have yet to make their appearance, but things are slowly coming together. Users are still waiting for the Dekko email client, which should finally bring a much-needed default email app that can do everything and that also looks incredibly good.

Not everyone wants Twitter

Users like being in control of their devices, and control is one of the promises made by Canonical when they first started the project. With just a few obvious exceptions, users can remove almost anything that they want from the phone.

There is no bloatware, at least not yet, and this is a really nice feature to have. Some users are reporting that if they remove the Twitter scope from the phone, they are prompted to install it again. This is not what the developers intended, and it looks like it’s just an ordinary bug.

“After last OTA, I see that in settings->updates there is the Twitter scope. I’ve installed it. But I don’t want to have it, so after 5-10 seconds I’ve uninstalled it. But hey! In updates, that scope appeared again. Why Canonical is forcing to install that scope in all phones? They think: hmm… Our users are too stupid to find that scope in Store and check out how great it is, so we will force them to install it,” Krzysztof Tataradziński wrote on the official mailing list.

As it was to be expected, this is not something that was done intentionally, and developers have quickly explained that he actually stumbled on a known bug, which has been confirmed already and which is now in a backlog of fixes that are being worked on.

Users need to remember that the only way some of these bugs are fixed more quickly is to report them or confirm the existing ones. Developers will pay a lot more attention to a bug that’s been flagged by many users.

Via Softpedia