Linux News Today: Vendetta Online 1.8.349 3D Space Combat Game Updates the Voice Chat System

Guild Software announced a new maintenance release of their popular and cross-platform Vendetta Online 3D space combat MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) title.

According to the release notes, Vendetta Online 1.8.349 introduces the ability for owners of trident capships to message basic commands to their ships using the “/msg” command (without quotes). When the “follow” command is used, the trident capship will follow the player within the given sector.

Also, the ship can be parked in its current location using the “park” command. At the moment, trident capships are not able to follow the player in wormholes and across jumps. Players are being informed that the commands can be executed only by the ship’s owner.

Vendetta Online’s built-in Voice Chat system received several improvements in this release, including fixes for some major bugs that caused the annoying “channel-leaking” issues reported by many users, but Guild Software needs your help to test the updated Voice Chat system properly.

“We’d appreciate it if people on supporting platforms (Windows, Linux, and Android/ARM, but not Android/x86) could try using the voice chat system, and let us know how it’s working. Please post any on-going problems on the Bugs forum. Thanks,” reads the announcement.

A server-side issue has been mitigated

In addition to the changes mentioned above, Guild Software managed to mitigate and resolve a server-side issue of the Vendetta Online game, which caused brief moments of connection problemes for approximately 20 seconds around 12:30 a.m. Central Time (CT) or 5:30 a.m. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

As usual, existing Vendetta Online users can update their game using the built-in updater utility. On the other hand, those of you who want to join the game need to purchase and download the binaries for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems from the project’s website.

Via Softpedia