Linux News Today: Wine Staging 1.9.8 Has Better Support for Running 64-bit Windows Apps on Linux

The Wine Staging team announced a few minutes ago, April 19, 2016, that the Wine Staging 1.9.8 development release is now available for download via the official channels.

Wine Staging 1.9.8 comes hot on the heels of last week’s Wine 1.9.8 release, which is a new milestone towards the major Wine 2.0 version. And according to today’s announcement, it brings better support for running 64-bit Windows apps, many MSYS2 improvements, and an experimental patch that promises to improve the support for running 64-bit apps on the OS X operating system.

“Running 64 bit Windows software on Linux using Wine is nothing special for most users. Although there might be some smaller bugs left that only affect 64 bit software, the basic concept is working fine. 64-bit support for OS X is a different story though,” reads today’s announcement. “The usage of the GS segment register in Windows applications conflicts with the OS X system libraries.”

Wine Staging 1.9.8 now ready for testing on Linux PCs

We’ve been asked several times to inform our readers on how Wine Staging differentiates from the Wine version, so will take this opportunity to tell you that the Wine Staging project usually contains some extra patches that aren’t yet available on the Wine version. It is some sort of bleeding-edge version of Wine, but you should find all the information you need to get started on the official homepage.

Those of you who are already familiarized with the Wine Staging project and have it installed on their GNU/Linux operating systems can now update to the 1.9.8 version through the official channels. Alternatively, you can download the Wine Stating 1.9.8 sources right now via our website and compile it for your distro.

Via Softpedia