Linux News Today: Wine Staging 1.9.9 Released for GNU/Linux with Small Improvements and Bug Fixes

The Wine Staging team has announced the release and immediate availability for download of Wine Staging 1.9.9, which comes hot on the heels of Wine 1.9.9, a development snapshot released last week.

Unfortunately, Wine Staging 1.9.9 doesn’t ship with any exciting new features as the development team behind this project decided to take a short break from working on implementing new functionality into this Wine branch to clean up the code, apply upstream patches, as well as to improve the existing components.

“During the last two weeks, instead of working on new features, a lot of effort was put into cleaning up, improving, and upstreaming patches which already have been tested sufficiently. We are glad to say that more than 30 patches have been accepted which is roughly about 10% of all commits added in Wine 1.9.9,” reads the announcement.

The libcef syscall workaround has been removed

An interesting change brought by the Wine Staging 1.9.9 release is the removal of the libcef syscall workaround, which was introduced as part of the Wine 1.7.53 release, because it was reported by users to be unreliable, and because, while not a perfect solution, it only worked in a pure 32-bit Wine prefix.

The patch was quite big, and since Valve implemented the “-no-cef-sandbox” parameter into recent Steam versions to disable the buggy sandboxing mechanisms, the Wine Staging team decided that it is time to remove it from the application, making it lighter. Users are being recommended to use the CLI argument instead.

Other than that, Wine Staging 1.9.9 brings fixes for various Windows applications and games, among which we can mention MoleBox Ultra v4, Michael Schumacher World Tour Kart 2004, XL Pro3, BDcraft Cubik, Knytt Stories Level Editor, and Chessbase Ludwig 3. Download Wine Staging 1.9.9 right now via our website.

Via Softpedia