Mageia 3 RC Is Released

Yooohooo, the Mageia 3 RC is already released with no delay day. As usually, you can get the Installer DVD and Dual CD Installer with quite some of package that officially will be packed with Mageia 3.

This is the announcement:

We are now 2 weeks from the end of the trip! (at least we hope we will have no delay). Mageia 3 RC release is now available for the very last tests. We need your feedback more than ever.

Mageia teams are working hard to fix the last annoying bugs, what we call release critical bugs. How do we qualify release critical one? All the bugs that cannot be fixed through updates, mainly in the isos installer, the kernel, some of the main drivers…

For more information about this release:

As for beta 4, live isos are still in progress and should be released in the coming days.