Mandriva Linux 2012 berubah Nama Jadi Moondrake GNU/Linux 2012

Mengawali pekan kedua di bulan November, Per Oyvind Karlsen mengumumkan ketersediaan edisi Mandriva Linux 2012 alpha2. Kali ini, Oyvind merilisnya dengan nama baru, tidak lagi Mandriva Linux tapi Moondrake GNU/Linux.

Codename yang dipakai untuk edisi alpha2 ini adalah Unnamed Loser. Tanggal rilisnya sendiri jauh dari prediksi semula, sekitar 24 Oktober kemarin.

Nama Moondrake ini memang masih kontroversial, masih belum divote secara langsung oleh komunitas, yang sudah fix adalah nama yayasannya, yaitu OpenMandriva.

Menyangkut pada dimigrasikannya SVN Mandriva ke ABF minggu ini, edisi yang baru tersedia adalah edisi x86_64.

Berikut berita rilisnya:

Yet again keeping up the tradition of delays, a new prerelease is out: Moondrake GNU/Linux 2012 Alpha 2 (Unnamed loser)

Some highlights of this release are:
* Iso creation tool has been rewritten in python, made several times faster and merged with DrakX
* Dual arch iso features a complete set of all lxde packages
* New, complete sound theme contributed by Christian Augustin
* Initial work on rewriting installer libraries in c++ has been started
* Installer stage1 rescue mode merged (boot.iso will no longer have to download rescue environment)
* Much extended set of packages built for uClibc environment
* Grub 2 has replaced isolinux for the installer (system migration targetted for the first beta)
* KDE 4.9.2

Known issues:
* i586 release has been skipped due to issues with repositories leading to issues generating it
* plymouth uses text mode by default

While originally anticipated to be skipped and a first beta to be released a month ago already, things did not turn out as planned, again related to same reasons as for the previous alpha release. As the actual switch to ABF will finally take place over the following days, where svn commits will be frozen (Matthew should get back to you with details on this), this second alpha gets released now just to get it out before the disruption caused by this happens and to allow us to start on new round of greater updates in preparation for the first beta. Due to this things has been rushed a bit and we’ll be skipping the i586 isos this time due to issue with the current build system creating difficulties generating it, for which also the dual arch iso has been affected with only x86_64 install currently being possible this time around.

The name of the distribution used for this release isn’t actually the final name chosen, but only one of the likelier candidates under consideration, which we’re taking out for a test drive to try it on for now and prepare for a rebranding process.

Hopefully we’ll be troubled by less issues for the next round in preparation of the first beta..

–Regards, Per Øyvind