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ROSA Lab Rilis ROSA Linux Desktop Fresh LXDE Edition

ROSA company is glad to announce a further expansion of ROSA Desktop Fresh R1 distribution series — an update of its distribution based on lightweight desktop environment, LXDE.

This distribution uses the same code base as recently released ROSA Desktop Fresh R1. The main difference of LXDE-based edition is a tendency to be minimalistic while preserving flexibility and usability. The new version includes only really necessary software and is built with the “the easier – the faster” principle in mind: high work speed is achieved at the expense of simple interface and absence of “wonderful” effects. The release is based on the time-proved GTK+2 framework, though some components are using the latest developments from GTK+3/GNOME3. As a result, the system is rather conservative but provides a set of modern features.

The new ROSA distribution differs form its analogues by a convenient system control center which can be launched from the system menu or by typing “lxde-control-center“ command.By means of this control center one can adjust different system settings:

The main system characteristics of this release are the same as of ROSA R1 based on KDE4 except RAM requirements – LXDE edition can be installed to machines with 256 Mb of RAM, the recommended RAM size is 384 Mb.

Versions of the major system components:

  • kernel-nrj-laptop-3.8.12
  • lightdm-1.6.0
  • openbox-3.5.0
  • GTK+2/GTK+3
  • NetworkManager-0.9.8
  • PulseAudio-3
  • X-Server 13

The ISO image also includes:

  • DeaDBeeF music player
  • VLC video player
  • Firefox
  • ClawsMail mail client
  • Pidgin IM-client
  • Parcellite clipboard manager
  • qpdfview
  • gparted

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  • New users can download ISO images for installationhere
  • Please reports any bugs and issues to our bugzilla
  • You can check list of known issues of the release here 
  • ROSA experts are ready to answer your questions in our forum