Top 5 Ubuntu Alternatives

The following article will list five of the best alternative operating systems to the popular Ubuntu OS, personally selected by the author.

We’ve written this article to help some of our readers in finding a good alternative to the current release of the Ubuntu operating system, because of the Unity interface.

Personally, I use Ubuntu 11.04 everyday and I have no problem with it. When Unity was about to be born, I was like “no way I am using that,” but I got used to it, and I’ve even managed to customize it the way I like it.
But if I would decide to give up on Ubuntu and install/use a different operating system (no matter if it is based on Ubuntu or developed by Canonical), below are five of my favorite alternatives to the original Ubuntu OS (the one with the Unity interface), described in a few words.

1. Xubuntu

Developed by hard working people, Xubuntu looks amazing and it is, of course, based on the Ubuntu operating system. Being lightweight, Xubuntu is well-suited for both desktops and laptops or netbooks.

Xubuntu contains all the programs you need for your daily tasks, such as a web browser, an office suite, instant messaging, multimedia playback and lots more.

Xubuntu even has a dock, and the next release will feature Linux kernel 3.0, LightDM and the famous Xfce 4.8 desktop environment.

2. Kubuntu

Kubuntu is simply beautiful. Kubuntu is a very good alternative for users who wanna make the switch from the Windows operating system.

With Kubuntu you will have a powerful computer, but you will need a powerful computer. Kubuntu has an iTunes-like music player and organizer, a complete and professional office suite, powerful email and messaging clients, rich photo viewer and organizer, and much more.

The next release of Kubuntu will look even more astonishing with its brand new KDE SC 4.7, not to mention that will be powered by Linux kernel 3.0.

3. Linux Mint

Linux Mint was created by one man, but now it has a strong and powerful community behind it, that will help you whenever you run into trouble.

Based on the latest version of Ubuntu, the Linux Mint offers an elegant, modern and comfortable operating system, which is both easy to use and powerful.

If you want to make the switch today, I strongly suggest Linux Mint 11, and I guarantee you’ll love Katya!

4. Sabayon Linux

Sabayon Linux is as easy as an abacus and as fast as a segway, it is the the cutest, free operating system. Sabayon Linux can be run on laptops, home computers and even on home servers.

Sabayon Linux is always up-to-date, has all the applications you need, and can be easily transformed into a full-featured Home Theater PC.

Sabayon Linux is a true chameleon, it has editions with all the popular Linux desktop environments, like GNOME, KDE, Xfce, LXDE and Enlightenment.

Open your mind and try Sabayon Linux, you will not regret it.

5. Lubuntu

The latest addition to the Ubuntu community is Lubuntu, an Ubuntu-based operating system powered by the ultra-lightweight LXDE desktop environment.

While Lubuntu is designed to be run on antique machines and netbooks, it can be used as well on your modern hardware, as the default operating system.

Lubuntu has good and powerful applications, such as Chromium, Pidgin, Abiword, Transmission, GNOME MPlayer or Audacious.