How to Install Virtual Windows From ISO

Install and run a virtual Windows

Step 1: Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Step 2: Run it and hit the New button.

Step 3: Add a new name for the appliance, and choose the Microsoft Windows operating system type.

Step 4: Pick the exact version you want to install. If you’re not sure, check the download source.

Step 5: Allocate at least 2 GB (2048 MB) of ram either by moving the slider or writing down a value.

Note: It’s important to add more than the minimum, especially if it’s a development build you want to install. This is to ensure a smooth experience. Be careful not to add too much though, because value is split from your total RAM.

Step 6: Choose to Create a virtual hard drive now.

Step 7: Pick the first option VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image), and hit Next.

Step 8: Make storage space Dynamically allocated so you don’t risk running out of space.

Step 9: Add a name and minimum capacity for the new storage drive. Around 32 GB is enough for basic testing.

Step 10: Right-click the new appliance in the left panel and access Settings.

Step 11: Switch to the Storage category.

Step 12: Under the Controller: IDE tree item, select the first entry (Empty by default), and hit the small CD icon next to the CD/DVD Drive in the right panel.

Step 13: Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file and select the ISO file from which you want to install the virtual operating system.

Step 14: Hit OK to return to the dashboard.

Step 15: Select the new appliance and press Start to install the new virtual Windows just like you’re used to.

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