Microsoft Visual Studio Code for Linux Review

Microsoft has officially release their Visual Studo Code for all major platform, Windows, OS X and Linux. During the BUILD 2015 event, Microsoft also demoed their brand new editor in Linux and OS X.

Visual Studio code aims to be a powerful and streamlined IDE, not a full IDE like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Express. Visual Studio Code let developers build and debug modern web, cloud apps, such as Node JS and ASP.NET apps. This is the first time, Microsoft release their IDE to all major platform with native experience.

Visual Studio Code for Linux is Portable

Visual Studio Code for Linux is distributed as ZIP archive. We just need to unzip it and run thei apps. No DEB or RPM files available yet.

After extracting the ZIP package, you will see a new folder that has the same name as the archive. To start Visual Studio Code on your Linux box, open the extracted folder and double-click the “Code” executable file.

Visual Studio Code is using a great dark theme, which is quite useful for developers who spend numerous hours writing code and debugging their applications. And, don’t worry, a light theme is also available.

We have helpfull Welcome Screen available for first time you use this software.

Visual Studio Code for Linux Language Support

Visual Studio Code is respectable IDE Application. This IDE support more than languages I think. They support C++, C#, CSS, CoffeeScript, Clojure, Go, HTML, JSON, Lua, Objective-C, PHP, Perl, Python, R, Bash (Shell Script), SQL, Less, YAML, Markdown, Java, F#, JS, Ini, Batch, Clojure, Dockerfile, Handlebars, Makefile, Jade, PowerShell, Razor, Sass, TypeScript, Plain Text, and Visual Basic.

For a brand new FREE IDE, I think this IDE can get big attention from Linux Community (programmers).

Visual Studio Code and Git

Wow! Git is fully integrated on Visual Studio Code. You can found this feature on the Side Pane. This IDE also prompt you to install Git if you not have it.

You can stage, commit and push to your git repositories sleamlessly.

Other Feature

Other features include a command palette, full-screen support, a dedicated goto function that lets you easily navigate between files, definitions, symbols, and lines of code, zoom, split editor, find and replace, keyboard shortcuts, and automatic saving of files.

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