Microsoft Creates Its Own FreeBSD!

Yes! You can jump from your seat now. Microsoft is creating their own FreeBSD Distribution. Not xxxBSD distribution per se, like DragonBSD or PCBSD, but customize FreeBSD version for their Azure Cloud Platform.

Microsoft latest strategies regarding Open-source and Linux World is too good to ignore. As you know, two months ago in Microsoft Build, Microsoft announcing their integration of Linux apps like BASH and some GNU apps in their command line, and now they create a FreeBSD distribution for their cloud platform, Azure.

Azure is Microsoft Cloud Computing product to developer and enterprise market. They support Windows and Linux (especially Ubuntu). And now, finally they support FreeBSD.

Before this announcement, people who use Azure and wanna install their FreeBSD platform to Azure, must bring their own custom image of FreeBSD to Azure. Now, setting up FreeBSD in Azure is hassle-free process. All you need to do is go through to Azure Portal, click on the +New button in left pane and type FreeBSD 10.3.

FreeBSD Foundation Reaction

Justin T. Gibbs, President of FreeBSD Foundation called Microsoft step as an important milestone for the community of FreeBSD. Here’s one important aspect of this release that him to point out of Microsoft steps is they not simply making a fork of FreeBSD dan keeping it themselves. Microsoft is making their FreeBSD kernel level up-streamed into the official FreeBSD 10.3 release. So, technically, a good benefit for FreeBSD community.

You can read more of this topic by read this article from Microsoft:


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