WordPress 3.0 User Features

This is the latest stable of WordPress, WordPress 3.0 User features!

User Features


  • Check required php and mysql versions in the update and notify if the server environment does not meet those requirements
  • New wp_login_form() provides a simple login form for use anywhere
  • New WordPress logo for admin header
  • Place “Search Engines Blocked” mini-alert in the wp-admin header to prevent people from accidentally delisting themselves
  • Remove ‘Turbo’ link from admin header and remove Turbo section from the Tools->Tools panel
  • Renamed various menu items, for example Posts->Edit becomes Posts->Posts, and Links->Edit becomes Links->Links, and so on
  • Revised administration menu icons
  • Revised Gray Admin Color Scheme
  • Revised information in readme.html file
  • Show login form upon email-sent for recover/reset passwords


  • Add link so user can visit Dashboard after core upgrade
  • Move Tools->Upgrade menu option to Dashboard->Updates and overhaul of user interface so themes, plugins, and core upgrades under one panel
  • New menu management (navigation) via Menus option under Appearances Menu (#11817)
  • Password nag for newly registered users
  • Split Right Now widget into Content | Discussion


  • Allow for removing all tags in quick edit
  • Allow themes to style the visual editor with editor-style.css file, using add_editor_style() function
  • Enable custom taxonomy UI for pages as well as for posts
  • Improved revision comparison user interface
  • Shortlinks enabled, but still requires a plugin or theme support to fully realize this feature
  • Added capital_P_dangit() filter to change ‘WordPress‘ to ‘WordPress‘.


  • Add FunnyOrDie.com oEmbed support
  • Allow Deletion of Media Alt text
  • Change Media UI labels from “Post Thumbnails” to “Featured Image”
  • Cleanup of the edit media screen
  • Don’t let “Crunching” overlap image name while uploading
  • Optimize scan for lost attachments
  • Support for additional file type extensions (Changesets 12581 and 13349)


  • Order link categories by name, not count, on Add New/Edit Link page


  • Add additional columns to the Posts Comments view
  • Allow configuration of number of comments to display Recent Comments dashboard module
  • Block comments for future posts and password protected posts (when password not provided)
  • Change to comments UI to show when a comment is replying to another, and link to the parent comment



  • Add Details and Install Now action links under each plugin listed in Install Plugins
  • Allow Tab indenting, Shift-Tab (outdenting), and multi-line tabbing, in plugin editor
  • Upgrade plugins in bulk from the Plugins->Installed panel (#11542)
  • When deleting plugins, check for uninstall hooks, and warn of data deletion


  • Add tag-to-category and category-to-tag converters to the Tools panel, add tag-to-category converter links to Posts->Post Tags panel
  • Clean up OPML link export script
  • Expanded filter criteria in Administration > Tools > Export panel
  • Import WordPress fixes notices, attachments, and users
  • Removed Turbo menu item, but because Turbo files weren’t removed, Turbo may still work
  • All importers moved to the plugin repository (e.g. WordPress Importer)


  • Allow “No role for this blog” to be chosen in Users->Add New panel


Install Process


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