CrossOver XI Brings Microsoft Office 2010 to Linux

CodeWeavers, through Jon Parshall, proudly announced last night in a press release that the CrossOver XI software has been officially released for both Linux and Macintosh platforms, bringing initial support for Microsoft Office 2010.

Based on Wine 1.4, CrossOver XI (version 11.0.0) is not only a major update to the popular application, but it also marks a step forward in its evolution, by simplifying the CrossOver product into a single one, uniting all CrossOver editions.

“In the absence of our fearless leader, Jeremy White (who is traveling on business today), I am charged with making the happy announcement that we have shipped CrossOver XI, for both Mac and Linux.”

“The previous Pro, Standard, and Bundle distinctions have been consigned to history. Likewise, we have rolled CrossOver Games into the main product as well. So now there is only a single product: CrossOver.”- said Jon Parshall, CodeWeavers COO, in the press release.

Highlights of CrossOver XI:

· Based on Wine 1.4;
· Initial support for Microsoft Office 2010;
· Support for Quicken 2012;
· Unification of CrossOver Games and CrossOver Pro/Standard/Bundle into a single product;
· Better registration method;
· Added a silent option in the Linux installer;
· Implemented detailed error messages for missing packages on Linux;
· Better mouse handling on Linux;
· Added an error message if CrossOver can’t create a package on Linux;
· New Device Independent Bitmap (DIB) engine;
· Better audio support;
· Better C++ runtime;
· Support for uDisk;
· CrossOver on Linux’s icons have a higher resolution;
· Kioclient uses KDE SC system;
· Python 2.x is automatically selected on machines with both Python 3.x and Python 2.x;
· RAR file handling support;
· Better support for installing Steam games;
· Improved support for Internet Explorer 7 and 6;
· Many Microsoft Office improvements;
· Support for .Net 1.1 Service Pack 1, .Net 2.0 Service Pack 1, .Net 2.0 Service Pack 2, .Net 3.0
.Net 3.5, .Net 3.5 Service Pack 1;
· Quicken 2009 and Quicken 2011 fixes;
· Improved DirectX 9 installation;
· Fixed FreeBSD registration bug;
· Better handling of file associations;
· Installation window has a close button now;
· Better support for the following games: Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Guild Wars, Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine, Skyrim, StarCraft II, Star Trek Online, and Perfect World International;
· Improved support for the Steam GUI;
· Better support for Bidi (right to left text);
· Translations updates.

CrossOver XI comes with native packages for the Ubuntu/Debian, Red Hat/Fedora/SUSE/Mandriva operating systems, as well as a binary package for other Linux distros.