Download Source Code actionHero 11.6.0

Evan Tahler is announcing that actionHero with version number 11.6.0 is already available to download.

What is actionHero ?

actionHero is A Node.js framework for building multi-transport API servers, focused on code reusage and the ability to scale along with the product .

actionHero basically provides a well-organized collection of methods to work with TCP, Web sockets, and HTTP clients in Node.js.The framework facilitates communication between all the parts involved in API queries and responses, working with both HTTP and HTTPS protocols.actionHero features a modular architecture which allows it to adapt to any project, developers being able to load and use only the parts of the framework they have a need for.Developers can create their very own “actions” (responses) for the user’s queries, respond in real-time to requests, deploy actionHero on a multi-server architecture, include support for serving static assets, and manage a complex task scheduler.The project is very well documented and should fit any type of project.

This is changelog for actionHero version 11.6.0 :

  • Can now add the configuration apiVersion in your route definitions if you want to point a route to a specific version of an action
  • Ensure that the env variable process.env.ACTIONHERO_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT is an integer when passed on the command line
  • Various fixes for error logging in actions

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: