Download Source Code Apache Struts / 2.5-BETA3

Apache Software Foundation is announcing that Apache Struts with version number / 2.5-BETA3 is already available to download.

What is Apache Struts ?

Apache Struts is .

Apache Struts is a mature and battle-tested Java framework for building complex and modern Java Web applications. These applications use a modern MVC design architecture and can easily be extended via plugins, Support is included for modern-day technologies like AJAX, JSON, REST, and SOAP, all bundled into one powerful core that has been used by many developers and big-name companies around the Internet. Struts is very well-documented and also benefits from a broad range of plugins contributed by a dedicated community, for both its 2.x and 1.x branches. While the 1.x branch was a success when it came out and become one of the most used Java frameworks around, it is now deprecated and unsupported. Struts 2 was originally known as WebWork 2. After working independently for several years, the WebWork and Struts communities joined forces to launch the 2.x branch of Struts.

This is changelog for Apache Struts version / 2.5-BETA3 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: