Download Source Code Bundler 1.10.6

Bundler Development Team is announcing that Bundler with version number 1.10.6 is already available to download.

What is Bundler ?

Bundler is A package and dependency manager for Ruby projects, created to work with tools like RubyGems, automatically installing all the needed GEM files for a project to work .

Bundler allows developers to automate the installation of a Ruby-based project via the terminal.It works by reading a dependency tree and automatically installing all Ruby GEM files in the proper order via RubyGems.Bundler also supports various working environments (production, testing, etc.), so various GEM file configurations can be loaded based on the desired working mode.Bundler also takes into account application and GEM file versions, so various file versions can be loaded depending on the application’s version.Using Bundler today in the Ruby community is considered a must, considerably reducing development time, especially when working with/on larger projects with tens and tens of GEM files.

This is changelog for Bundler version 1.10.6 :

  • Bug fixes:
  • Use RubyGems spec stubs if available
  • Allow creating gems with names containing two dashes
  • Allow creating gems with names extending constants

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: