Download Source Code Open Real Estate 1.12.0

MonoRay is announcing that Open Real Estate with version number 1.12.0 is already available to download.

What is Open Real Estate ?

Open Real Estate is A powerful real estate management platform, available under a free GPL version, and a few commercial licenses with extra features .

There are CMS and management platforms for any type of activity these days. From schools to churches, from project management to water management, almost all business areas and domains are covered by Web-based technology.Open Real Estate is one of those platforms, specifically created for listing real estate properties.Easy to deploy thanks to its assisted installation procedure, and even easier to manage thanks to the Bootstrap-powered backend, Open Real Estate allows even the biggest novice to easily setup and launch his own real estate domain.The platform lets the admin add properties, and even lets users add their own listings as well. This can be really useful in situations where you want to run the real estate website more as a portal and not as a closed business site.The listings themselves are very attractive and provide a comprehensive description of all important features and facilities users might want to query about.There’s also a pretty basic and minimal frontend, yet very attractive and well done.In case the real estate listing database gets pretty big, Open Real Estate also provides a quite professional search function, and there’s also support for searching for property using a Google Map. Pretty useful especially for finding rents and houses close to a work place.

This is changelog for Open Real Estate version 1.12.0 :

  • Ability to search available properties by dates;
  • Improved menu settings;
  • Support and editing of any new currency;
  • 3 color schemes of ‘Atlas’ theme ;

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Open Real Estate - Open Real Estate comes with an easy to use installation wizardOpen Real Estate - Users can easily login into their accounts or on the administration panelOpen Real Estate - The admin dashboard lists all recent real estate listings by defaultOpen Real Estate - Editing a property listing is extremely easy via the well-organized interfaceOpen Real EstateOpen Real EstateOpen Real EstateOpen Real EstateOpen Real EstateOpen Real Estate - A comments moderation feature is also included with Open Real EstateOpen Real Estate - Customer complaints are also managed via the Open Real Estate backendOpen Real EstateOpen Real Estate - User details and advanced user management features are included with Open Real EstateOpen Real Estate - A news publishing engine is packed with Open Real Estate alsoOpen Real EstateOpen Real Estate - The admin menu is also editable inside the Open Real Estate backendOpen Real Estate - A Q&A section is also accessibleOpen Real EstateOpen Real Estate - References, categories, views, and other advanced details are customizable in Open Real EstateOpen Real Estate - The Settings panel allows users to easily edit Open Real Estate overall settingsOpen Real EstateOpen Real EstateOpen Real EstateOpen Real EstateOpen Real EstateOpen Real Estate - L10n and i18n support is included with all Open Real Estate installationsOpen Real Estate - The Open Real Estate frontend is what all users will see when first loading the portalOpen Real Estate - A listing page is well designed and presents all important detailsOpen Real Estate - Users can also add their own listings from the frontendOpen Real Estate - A search on map listing finder is included with Open Real Estate