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phpMyAdmin is announcing that phpMyAdmin with version number is already available to download.

What is phpMyAdmin ?

phpMyAdmin is .

phpMyAdmin has reached the stratosphere of fame in Web development, almost completely identifying itself with the product it serves. Just by saying phpMyAdmin, any developer these days will think of MySQL. Some don’t even know MySQL doesn’t come with phpMyAdmin included and you need to install it separately. Sure there might be other MySQL Web GUIs around, but almost all came after phpMyAdmin and most of them copy its interface and features without even giving it a second thought. Basically phpMyAdmin is an unofficial standard for dealing with MySQL from your browser.

This is changelog for phpMyAdmin version :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

phpMyAdmin - phpMyAdmin comes with an integrated user dashboardphpMyAdmin - Admins can browse the structure of a database at any point in timephpMyAdmin - The content of database tables can also be viewed inside phpMyAdminphpMyAdmin - Table structure can be changed at any timephpMyAdmin - SQL queries can be executed via the included consolephpMyAdmin - A database and table search tool is included with phpMyAdminphpMyAdmin - New data can be inserted in any table at any timephpMyAdmin - Database details can easily be exported to other installationsphpMyAdmin - New databases and tables can also be imported inside phpMyAdminphpMyAdmin - Various preset/common operations are built in the default phpMyAdmin interfacephpMyAdmin - To avoid problems, admins can keep track and log of various phpMyAdmin operationsphpMyAdmin - Special triggers can also be createdphpMyAdmin - Admins also have full access and control to database usersphpMyAdmin - For every user, fine-grained permissions can be put into placephpMyAdmin - The phpMyAdmin's installation status can be checked at any time