Download Source Code TouchstoneJS 0.3.0

Jed Watson is announcing that TouchstoneJS with version number 0.3.0 is already available to download.

What is TouchstoneJS ?

TouchstoneJS is An open source frontend UI framework for building hybrid mobile applications using Facebook’s famous React JavaScript framework .

TouchstoneJS is a new mobile framework from the creators of the KeystoneJS Node.js CMS.It helps developers build JavaScript-driven mobile applications with the help of React and a few built-in UI components.This simplifies the process of getting an app of the ground, and also lets developers control views and their content much better thanks to the work put into React by the Facebook and Instagram teams, authors of some of the most successful mobile apps around.A demo app is included with the TouchstoneJS download package.

This is changelog for TouchstoneJS version 0.3.0 :

  • Fixed site stylesheet generation.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

TouchstoneJS - TouchstoneJS is a framework for building hybrid mobile appsTouchstoneJS - TouchstoneJS includes a large number of ready-made componentsTouchstoneJS - The framework relies on Facebook's React JavaScript frameworkTouchstoneJS - Support is included for various components like modals, lists, forms, header bars, footers, and so onTouchstoneJSTouchstoneJSTouchstoneJSTouchstoneJSTouchstoneJSTouchstoneJSTouchstoneJSTouchstoneJSTouchstoneJS