Get 25% Discount for Faster Than Light Games in Steam

Faster Than Light, or FTL, is a space exploration and strategy game that makes the player feel like the captain of a real starship. You can buy it now on Steam for Linux with a 25% discount.

Faster Than Light is a “spaceship simulation rogue-like,” which has practically become a genre since the game’s release.

It features a unique gameplay that will keep the player on their toes, wondering if this is the moment when they will be able to finally beat the game.

The Steam Winter Holiday Sale 2012 is all about discounts and even if Faster Than Light is already a cheap game, the developer has chosen to slice 25% of the price.

Steam for Linux has been made available to all users, but it’s still in the beta phase. Even so, there are a ton of games already launched for this platform.

If you are interested in Faster Than Light, check out the official Steam website.

Via: Softpedia