How to Make Mandriva 2010.1 Spring LiveUSB

Yesterday, Mandriva officially release their Mandriva 2010.1 Spring Edition linux distributions. Originally released in a torrent format, but then quickly spread to their mirrors as ISO although still not quite much, such as no Mandriva Seed package at the Mirrors (Hope it will be soon released to 😀 ).

I had to make the LiveUSB to installing Mandriva 2010.1 on my netbook. How lucky me! Lordikc as one of senior mandrivians form france release the bootable 2010.1 kit to!. OK, this is the step:

  1. Download the Mandriva One 2010.1 Spring edition from the mirrors, please choose your country edition there (I choose Asia-no-india). Check the md5sum of your downloaded ISOs first,
  2. Mount the ISO’s to a directory with command sudo mount -o loop mandriva-linux-one-2010.1-xxx.iso /media/mandriva-iso, please make the mandriva-iso the directory first.
  3. Download the Kit for Mandriva 2010.1 at here,
  4. Format your USB Flashdisk as FAT32 and labeled it as “MANDRIVAONE” (must do! use Windows is not criminals to do it).
  5. Mount your USB Flashdisk with label MANDRIVAONE. Assumed it mounted as /dev/sdc1 (please use cat /proc/partitions to check it),
  6. Make the USB Flashdisk bootable with syslinux, type syslinux -f /dev/sdc1
  7. Extract the kit to your USB, use tar -xzvf kit_2010.1.tgz -C /media/MANDRIVAONE
  8. Copy the distrib-lzma.sqfs file from the mounted ISO directory (/media/mandriva-iso/loopbacks/) to your USB (/media/MANDRIVAONE/loopbacks). use cp /media/mandriva-iso/loopbacks/distrib-lzma.sqfs /media/MANDRIVAONE/loopbacks)
  9. Thats it! Your Mandriva Linux 2010.1 LiveUSB is ready to use folks!

Thanks to Lordikc