Linux News Today: Arch Linux 2016.02.01 Is Available to Download, Still Powered by Linux Kernel 4.3

It’s the first day of February, so guess what? A new ISO image for the powerful and highly customizable Arch Linux operating system is now available for download via the official channels.

Arch Linux 2016.02.01 has just been released a couple of hours ago for those of you who would like to deploy the independent Linux kernel-based operating system on new machines.

The new Arch Linux ISO image is also perfect for users who were planning on reinstalling the OS and didn’t want to fetch all the updates released during the month of January 2016, as this is the main reason Arch Linux 2016.02.01 was released.

Unfortunately, due to some technical details, the Arch Linux developers were not able to push the long-term supported Linux kernel 4.4 packages into the stable repositories, so the Arch Linux 2016.02.01 ISO remains based on Linux kernel 4.3.

You might wonder what else is new in Arch Linux 2016.02.01, and so we feel obliged to inform you, again, that it contains all the updated packages that have been released on the official software repositories on January 1, 2016.

I’m an Arch Linux user, do I need to download this? No, of course not. If your Arch Linux box is up to date, there’s no need to get this new ISO image released today. Arch Linux 2016.02.01 is only for new users or those who want to reinstall the OS.

Download Arch Linux 2016.02.01.

Via Softpedia