Linux News Today: Atomic Developer Bundle 2.2.1 Released for CentOS Linux with New Features

Today, June 23, 2016, CentOS developer Lalatendu Mohanty was happy to announce the release of the Atomic Developer Bundle (ADB) 2.2.1 through CentOS Atomic SIG.

Atomic Developer Bundle is a pre-packaged development environment designed specifically for GNU/Linux operating systems that want to offer their users, in particular container developers, a solution filled with production-grade and pre-configured utilities that make container development a breeze. The latest version is now live for users of the CentOS Linux distribution.

The Atomic Developer Bundle 2.2.1 comes with various goodies, including adb-utils 1.8 set of utility scripts and configuration files for ADB, support for mounting a user’s home dir into virtual machine using the vagrant-sshfs tool, new Jenkins templates for OpenShift, and the ability to access the OpenShift Docker registry, as well as to use as a local Docker registry.

There are, of course, many other small improvements and bug fixes that have been detailed in the release announcement. In the meantime, CentOS users are urged to update the ADB Vagrant box and the vagrant-service-manager using the “vagrant plugin update vagrant-service-manager” command to be able to enjoy the new features that have been implemented in the new ADB version. Please consider upgrading your installation as soon as possible.

Via Softpedia