Linux News Today: BlackArch Linux Now Provides over 1,400 Penetration Testing Tools, New ISO Lands

The BlackArch Linux devs have been preparing this for months, but now it is finally here, the new ISO image of the Arch Linux-based operating system designed for hackers and security professionals.

BlackArch 2016.04.28 is here today as a replacement for the previous ISO image, version 2016.01.10, released four months ago, and it adds more than 80 new tools that can be used for penetration testing and security auditing operations.

“Today we released new BlackArch Linux ISOs along with the new installer. The new ISOs include over 1400 tools,” reads the announcement. “We wish to thank all of BlackArch’s users, mirrors, and supporters. Thanks for your help.”

Introducing the BlackArch Linux installer

But that’s not all that has been added in the new BlackArch Linux ISO, which also introduces the brand-new BlackArch Linux installer, which promises to help users install the GNU/Linux distribution much faster and easier than before.

Just like Arch Linux, BlackArch Linux is now powered by Linux kernel 4.5.1, and according to the release notes of the BlackArch 2016.04.28 ISO image, an EFI boot issue has been fixed, along with a well-known 32-bit (i686) boot problem reported by users.

As expected, many of the penetration testing tools included in the BlackArch Linux operating system have been updated to their latest versions at the moment of writing this article, and the distro now brags with over 1,400 of them.

The BlackArch 2016.04.28 ISO images has been synchronized with upstream and include all the latest critical security fixes and updated system packages. Also, it looks like the menu entries for the Fluxbox, Openbox, and Awesome window managers were updated.

Download the BlackArch 2016.04.28 Live ISOs right now via our website or directly from the project’s homepage, where you’ll find all the information you need to get started with this powerful OS targeted at security professionals and aspiring hackers.

Via Softpedia