Linux News Today: Budgie Desktop 10.2.5 Lands with a Multitude of Refinements, It's Now Stateless

Just a few moments ago, March 27, 2016, Josh Strobl from the Solus Project had the great pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability of Budgie Desktop 10.2.5.

Budgie Desktop 10.2.5 is the fifth maintenance release in the 10.2 series of the open-source and free graphical desktop environment used by default on the gorgeous, independent Solus Linux operating system, but also available for numerous other GNU/Linux distributions.

There are numerous refinements in this version, mostly improvements to the overall user experience, but probably the most important change of all is the fact that Budgie Desktop now supports stateless configuration and it can be tweaked to your heart’s content.

“This release builds upon our vision of a desktop environment focused on simplicity and elegance, by introducing further refinements to the user experience while expanding options for enabling a more tailored desktop experience,” said Josh Strobl on behalf of the Solus Project.

What’s new in Budgie Desktop 10.2.5

Release highlights of Budgie Desktop 10.2.5 include elegant slide-in animation for the first launch of the panel, along with proper ordering of the applets. Talking about applets, the spacing between them has been increased, and stylish animation is now displayed when icons are being revealed or hidden.

The Raven notification center has received some much-needed improvements as well, among which we can mention accurate names for sound devices, support for enabling desktop icons, support for selecting different cursor themes, as well as support for choosing different fonts for Window Titles, Interface, and other similar items.

Moreover, users will now be able to disable the region theming for the panel, there’s now a new applet for managing your Bluetooth devices, the built-in theme has been ported to the GTK 3.20 toolkit, the lock screen functionality has been re-implemented, and several bugs have been addressed.

Budgie Desktop 10.2.5 can be downloaded right now as a source archive from its GitHub page. It has been pushed to the software repositories of Solus, and it should land soon in the repos of various other GNU/Linux operating systems in the coming days. Check out the gallery below and changelog for more details.

Disable the region theming for the panel

Disable the region theming for the panel

Accurate sound device names

Accurate sound device names

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