Linux News Today: Calibre 2.60 eBook Viewer Improves the Config Dialog for the Kobo Touch Driver

Today, June 24, 2016, Calibre developer Kovid Goyal has been happy to announce the release and immediate availability for download of the Calibre 2.60.0 open-source ebook library management software for all supported platforms.

Calibre 2.60 comes one week after the debut of the previous maintenance update, Calibre 2.59, which added better compatibility with the latest Qt 5.x technologies on Ubuntu Linux operating systems, as well as some improvements to the Amazon Metadata Download support, and EPUB 3 support on the Table of Contents (ToC) tool.

New features implemented in the Calibre 2.60 release include an improved configuration dialog for the driver that handles Kobo Touch ebook readers, more support for ebooks in the EPUB 3 format, as users can now specify if the navigation is missing or not in the Check Book feature in the Edit Book component.

The five most recently used languages are now displayed first in the drop-down list of the Edit Metadata component, so you can easily reuse them whenever you like. Then, the copy ebooks process will no longer be aborted if some of them fail to be transferred, and news reading on an ebook reader that supports web browser has been enhanced by making all relative links absolute.

Bug fixes, improved new sources

Also new in Calibre 2.60.0 is a new option that lets users disable the functionality that adds cover images to EPUB files, which don’t contain a cover image in their metadata. The new option can be found in the EPUB metadata component, under Preferences -> Plugins -> Customize the Set EPUB metadata plugin.

There are also the usual bug fixes, which should further optimize the overall performance of the software, and more news sources have received improvements, including New York Times Book Review, Handelsblatt, and Antyweb. Download Calibre 2.60.0 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Via Softpedia