Linux News Today: Canonical in Talks with Android OEM Partners for Ubuntu Phones

Canonical is said to be in talks with Android OEM partners, the CEO of the company Jane Silber recently said.

One of the things are that are always brought up by the community is that Ubuntu Touch is not present in too many phones on the market. There are four official supported phones right now, Nexus 4, BQ Aquaris e4.5, BQ Aquaris E5 HD, and Meizu MX4. Two of these are only found second hand right now.

A new tablet from BQ is expected in the coming months, but that’s pretty much it. The thing is that Canonical did this on purpose, and why that is the case has been explained many times. The short answer is that the company wanted to make sure that only fans will trouble themselves to the get phones running Ubuntu so that the OS doesn’t get into the hands of users who know nothing about it.

New partners could mean a better Ubuntu OS

If Canonical is indeed ready to bring other partners into this discussion, it means that they believe the OS is powerful and stable enough to get into the hands of regular users.

Jane Silber talked with The Register, and this is what she said, “We are talking to them [Android OEM partners] regularly, and many will be shipping Ubuntu phones. There’s a lot of interest from these folks in supporting another platform.”

This is hardly confirmation of anything, and we had some predictions from Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical that didn’t come true, but Ubuntu Touch has been around for long enough to believe that they are sufficiently ready.

This information might also mean good news for the American users, who could finally get a device that’s fully compatible with their networks. It remains to be seen if this OEM collaboration will become fruitful soon or if we will have to wait.

Via Softpedia