Linux News Today: CentOS Linux 7 Rolling February Images Are Now Available for Download

Today, February 27, 2016, the maintainers of the CentOS 7 Linux operating system were more than happy to announce the immediate availability for download of updated CentOS Linux 7 rolling ISO images.

The CentOS Linux 7 Build 1602 ISOs incorporate all the security patches and software updates that have been announced during the month of February on the official channels of the project, offering up-to-date installation medias to those who want to deploy CentOS 7 on their infrastructure.

The GNU/Linux distribution remains based on the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 operating system from Red Hat Inc., on which CentOS Linux 7 rolling was rebased along its November 2015 updated images. The CentOS Linux 7 Rolling February update is also the first since the November releases.

“This release set is tag’d 1602. CentOS Linux rolling builds are point in time snapshot media rebuild from original release time, to include all updates pushed to’s repositories,” said Karanbir Singh in the announcement. “This includes all security, bugfix, enhancement and general updates for CentOS Linux.”

Existing CentOS Linux 7 users need not download any ISOs

The February update includes CentOS Linux 7 basic 64-bit and 32-bit ISOs, generic cloud images, Atomic Host images, Vagrant images, Docker containers, as well as vendor hosted cloud images. However, they are intended for those who plan on reinstalling the OS or do fresh installations.

Therefore, you can download the new CentOS Linux 7 Build 1602 ISO images right now from Softpedia. Existing CentOS Linux 7 users need not download any ISOs, as all they have to do to get all security patches and new software versions included in the February update is to apply all existing updates from the default software repositories. Please update as soon as possible!

Via Softpedia