Linux News Today: Chapeau Linux Is No Longer Using the Korora Software Repositories

Vince Pooley, the creator and lead developer of the Fedora-based Chapeau GNU/Linux operating system, has recently announced that the distribution has dropped support for the official software repositories of the Korora Linux project, another Fedora-based distro.

According to Mr. Pooley, until today the Chapeau Linux operating system used the upstream Korora repository only to bring in updates to the Pharlap driver helper utility, as well as to all to all of its dependencies. Starting with the release of Chapeau 22, this is no longer the case.

Recent Korora releases brought more updates to the Pharlap tool, which became dependent on more and more core components of the distribution. Therefore, using Pharlap in recent versions of Chapeau would have caused more bad than good.

As a consequence, the developers of Chapeau Linux pushed an update to the chapeau-repos package on the day of October 4, 2015, removing the Korora software repository from the distribution.

“An update to the chapeau-repos package has been pushed out this weekend that disables the ‘korora’ software repository on Chapeau going forward. This repository will not be used in future releases of Chapeau,” says Vince Pooley.

Here’s how to manually disable the Korora repository

In the same announcement, Chapeau users are being instructed to disable the Korora software repository manually in case the automated package updates are failing on their installations, or they encounter errors when attempting to update their systems using the command-line DNF package manager.

sudo dnf -y update --disablerepo=korora

To disable the Korora repository right now, open the Terminal app and copy/paste the command above, which will automatically pull in all available package updates while ignoring those from the upstream Korora software repository. If you encounter errors, don’t hesitate to use the official forums of the Chapeau Linux distribution.

Via Softpedia