Linux News Today: Clear Linux Gets Mesa 3D 12.0.0 and Linux Kernel 4.6.4, Performance Improvements

Softpedia was informed by the Clear Linux developer on the availability of the first newsletter of the Linux kernel-based operating system that informs users about the latest GNU/Linux technologies implemented during the week that passed.

Entitled “This Week in Clear Linux,” the first installation informs the Clear Linux community about the fact that the Linux kernel-based operating system designed specifically for Intel architecture received the latest Linux 4.6.4 and 4.4.15 LTS kernels, the Mesa 3D Graphics Library 12.0.0, and Rust language 1.10.0.

“The kernels in Clear Linux were updated to the latest stable versions, kernel 4.6.4 for the normal kernels, and 4.4.15 for the LTS kernels. As usual, the stable kernels contain “important updates”,” said Eva P. Hutanu. All of the Clear Linux package sources are now available as git trees.”

Caffe machine learning framework performance improved by 10%

Also implemented this week in Clear Linux are improvements to the Caffe machine learning framework performance, which appears to be faster by 10% thanks to the updated linear algebra library, as well as an increase in the use of AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions) and SSE (Streaming SIMD Extensions) vector instructions.

Other than that, it would appear that a performance issue was discovered by Michael Larabel from Phoronix in the graphics stack of Clear Linux during a “7-Way Linux Distribution Comparison For Summer 2016” benchmark did by the renowned GNU/Linux author.

The bug was found by the Clear Linux developers in the XFWM4 compositor of the Xfce desktop environment, and immediately released a temporary workaround. They are currently in the search for a permanent solution to the issue, which might be implemented in the coming weeks, hopfully just before the next This Week in Clear Linux newsletter.

Via Softpedia