Linux News Today: Commercial Wine Interface CrossOver Improves Support for Microsoft Office 2010

Today, July 26, 2016, CodeWeavers proudly announced the release and general availability of the CrossOver 15.2.0 update for their commercial and cross-platform Wine graphical interface.

Wine is an open-source and widely-used software project whoes main design goal is to implement a compatibility layer for running software applications that are built only for the Microsoft Windows operating system on GNU/Linux distributions, as well as Apple’s Mac OS X platform.

Wine 1.9.15 is currently the latest and most advanced version of the free implementation of Windows on Unix, and it looks like the CodeWeavers developers were quick to adopt it for their commercial CrossOver application that provides an easy-to-use and intuitive GUI to Wine for Linux and Mac systems.

According to the release notes, CrossOver 15.2.0 improves support for the Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010 office suite by correctly embedding fonts when exporting documents to the popular PDF format, and addresses a crash that occurred when using the Tencent QQ instant messenger software.

Additionally, CrossOver 15.2.0 promises to improve the automatic detection of the available amount of video RAM, as well as to properly identify various graphics cards that weren’t corrently recognized in previous versions of the applications. Again, please see the full changelog below for more details.

CrossOver 15.2.0 is now available for purchase for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X operating systems, but existing users can update for free. And we have some good news for those who are attempting to buy CrossOver, as the application is currently on sale with a 40% off discount.

Via Softpedia